Protocol 1st EEE-Teacher meeting 12th-14th November 2018 in Bridgwater, UK


UK (hosting country): Ben Houlihan, Jon Harding, Jim Odams, Sarah Probert, Steve Kemmery

Austria: Eva Fleischer (coordinator), Gerhard Erndt (project website), Waltraud Kircher, Peter Rak

Finland: Orsolya Simon, Tiina Herrgard

France: Hadda Lamotte, Edith Mourre

Malta: Marvene Cassar, Jennifer Azzopardi

Written by: Waltraud Kircher (A)


Aims of EEE-week:

Communication, Cooperation,  Creativity, Problem solving skills

aims of entrepreneurship: play, empathy, creation, experimentation, reflection, stimulus

Structure of EEE- week:

  • Teambuilding activities (icebreakers)
  • Cultural and country highlights should be included
  • Students work to develop a business idea:
  • in 5 groups of 4 students (2 from hosting country + 1 host student country A + 1 host student country B) during the week
  • Structure of business plan: e.g. Buiness Model Canvas
  • Timetable: 3-4 half days
  • Student pitches at different stages of developing the business during the week
  • Methods: DesignThinking, Business-Canvas-Model, Scrum as project management-tool, (classical) project management


  • Getting ideas for strating a business:
  • Provide materials for ideas (Upcycling: eg Kork, computer garbage, Nespresso-capsules…)
    • What could be made out of fit? (Brainstorming)
    • Change a different material? -> what else could you produce?
  • Give a project idea/ problem to solve by a partner company
  • Skills of partners, strenghts & weaknesses should be taken into consideration
  • End presentation (pitch) of the output
  • Methods and Tools:
  • Project plan (presented by Steve)
  • Scrum ( as a working tool for students (presented by Jim)
  • Teach yourself Srum (Finland) -> presentation in Malta?
  • Design Thinking Method
  • com (to introduce with a video)
  • Business Canvas Model (presented by Tiina)


  • Timetable:
    • 3 half days for entrepreneurship – work on a business model
    • 1 half day of pitch (Friday)
    • Feedback of the week

Organisation students exchange:

Arrival on Sunday –return on Saturday

Number of boys and girls to be comunicated in advance


Propramme of EEE-week in Austria (proposition):

„Schnitzeljagd“ into the city center of Vienna

1 visit of a museum

1 dinner with all students & teachers involved


Visit of an entrepreeneur/ hub

Visit of a company


Teacher Meetings:

3 days (Mon-Wed or Wed to Fri)


Introduction of students via the platform

First name only, family, wanted, hobbies, pets …

Introduce themselves – choose the media as they like


Structure of website (Gerhard Erndt) – (

  • Home (instead of Start)
  • About -> lead contacts of partners from each country

                       EEE-week -> Austria (February 2019)

                                                -> Finland (May 2019)

                                               -> France (September 2019)

                                                -> Malta

                                                -> UK

                       -> Teacher Meetings

  • Blog: open for teachers and students                           
    • Portfolio -> materials to be shared (only for teachers)
      • Business Start Ups
      • Teambuilding
      • Leadership
      • Marketing
      • Finance
    • Login
      • Teachers are registered by Gerhard, are editors
      • Students can subscribe on the website for Login


    To dos:

    Preparation of the students for EEE-week:

    ppt-presentation about

    • Country/Region/Town/History
    • Famous people/ historic people
    • Video of the school (premises etc.)


    Logo competition for the Erasmus-project:

    Until 15th Dec -> tool for voting will be on the platform

    Timetable: end of January in each school -> put selected Logo on the blog

    Selection of one logo per country -> to be put on the platform

    5 Logos from each partner country chosen, 10 votes per country for the best Logo


    Students exchange for 1st EEE-week in Austria:

    4 boys, 2 girls from France

    4 boys 1 girl Malta  to Austria

    Matching the students from France, UK or Malta (by end of Nov)

    Week before Christmas -> match the students

    Timetable of next events:

    11/02/2018-15/02/2018: EEE-week in Austria

    06/05/2019-10/05/2019: EEE-week in Finland

    Sept 2019: EEE-week in France

    9th-13th Apr 2019 or 25th Mar-27th Mar 2019: teacher meeting in Malta

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